Pavement & Road Markings


Combined Road and Traffic Services performs all types of pavement and road markings from setting out and installing new road markings, to car park markings and larger annual remark programs.

These tasks are completed using certified plant plus trained operators and support staff.

We Use Long Life Products

In 2005, the first specialised Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) machine (Hofmann H18) was imported from Germany to undertake safety improvement projects within the Central North Island. The introduction of some of the first Audio Tactile Pavement Markings (ATP) were installed by CRTS, and are now considered a common road safety alternative on high crash-risk sites. A second machine was added to the fleet to enable national coverage in 2009, complemented with a Pedestrian (Push) machine suitable for ‘structured’ markings for intersection controls and miscellaneous road markings.

In 2019 a new spray truck was added to the fleet to further extend the company’s capabilities. All equipment and vehicles are managed by specialised operators. The products used on the roads are sourced locally from Damar Rotorua.

Raised Reflective Pavement Markers (Cats Eyes)

CRTS also provides specialty units capable of delivering ‘hot bitumous’ adhesive to install and maintain Raised Reflective Pavement Markers wherever they are required.