Road Barrier Systems and Minor Civil Construction

Keeping our roads safe by constructing full road barrier systems, footpaths, retaining walls, pedestrian barriers, cycle ways, minor bridge installation and more.

Road Barrier Systems (Guardrail Safety Barrier & Wire Rope Safety Barrier)

Early 2012 saw the importation of an Italian made ‘Turchi’ hydraulic post rammer specifically designed to install guard rail posts, both steel and wooden. A second machine ‘Pausali’ was commissioned in July 2013, also from Italy, with the added feature of a rock drilling head to cater for situations where normal ramming is insufficient to penetrate hardened substrates.

Minor Civil Construction

On a slightly larger scale, CRTS is capable of constructing footpaths, retaining walls, pedestrian barriers, cycle ways and minor bridge rail installation. These tasks may be as standalone activities or as ancillary services as part of more major projects involving earthworks or road construction, which is completed by others.

Roadmarked 0 km of New Zealand Roads
Supplied & Installed 0 km of barriers alongside New Zealand's Roads
Mowed, Sprayed and Cut 0 km of Vegetation alongside New Zealand's Roads